Jerry Camery-Hoggatt

Jerry Camery-Hoggatt

Professor of Narrative Theology and New Testament

Areas of Specialization: Early Christian Origins, Narrative Theology and New Testament Studies. Particular interest in method and content in the study of the Gospels.

Education: B.A., Southern California College; M.T.S., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Boston University.

Dr. Camery-Hoggatt teaches courses in Research Methods, New Testament and Narrative Theology to both our graduate and undergraduate programs. He is the author of a variety of works in a range of genres, including Irony in Mark’s Gospel: Text and Subtext (Cambridge University Press), Speaking of God: Reading and Preaching the Word of God (Wipf & Stock), Grapevine: The Spirituality of Gossip (Herald Press) and Reading the Good Book Well: A Guide to Biblical Interpretation (Abingdon). Several of his publications are Christmas stories: When Mother Was Eleven-Foot-Four: A Christmas Memory (Revell), Giver of Gifts: Three Stories of Christmas Grace (Revell), and My Mother’s Wish: An American Christmas Carol (WaterBrooke). His first illustrated children’s book was published in November of 2007.

Vanguard’s resident storyteller is never without a tale of twisted plots and valiant heroes, complete with thick Scottish brogue or curt Bostonian banter to capture the imagination. He takes special joy in discovering the ways God complicates our plots in an artful play to turn us into more interesting and Christ-like characters.

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  1. Iva Jewel Tucker

    March 15, 2013

    Your story of When Mother Was Eleven-Foot-Four is a good read! I cried three times while reading it. I am an editor and editors don’t cry, ha! You are a skilled writer and I am looking forward to reading all your books. This volume was a gift and I put it aside “to read when I had time.” I was felled by Guillain-Barre Syndrome, totally paralyzed and unable to speak. Gradually my voice returned and gradually–oh, so slowly–I am re-learning how to walk, dress myself, feed myself, etc. I am mostly wheelchair-bound, because my apartment is a long way from the elevator, dining room, and exit. I have been back to my church several times via wheelchair. But Wednesday evening I WALKED into my church for the first time in 21/2 years. God is so good. Thank you for writing about your heroic mother. You are good.


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